1. If you have a call girl, please do not ask her to do anything that could be considered cruel or abusive. Do not coerce any girl into doing something that she does not wish to do. When you make your reservation, everything that needs to be done is taken care of for you.

2. I ask that you please treat your call girl with the courtesy and deference that is due to a person who is both gifted and valuable and who is working hard to perform the duties associated with her job. “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you,” is a common saying.

3. If you plan to pay the call girl in cash, please have the exact amount ready before she arrives, as it’s possible that she won’t be able to make any changes for you.

4. During your appointments with our call girls, you should not use illegal substances, bring them with you, or engage in any other illegal activity. Kindly respect not only the laws of the country you are currently in but also the guidelines set forth by our escort service.

5. Once your escort bookings have been confirmed, it will take the Gurgaon call girls approximately an hour to make their way to your location, be it a hotel or a private apartment. There will be no other arrangements taken into consideration.

6. For reasons of both discretion and safety, we do not take new clients outside of the Gurgaon area with our escort girls, nor do we send our escort girls on overseas assignments. If you are one of our regular customers, then it is something that can be considered after our call girls in Gurgaon discuss your behaviour with each other.

7. We do not accept pickups, and we do not permit our call girls to go back to our office or their homes with customers. This is done so that we can conduct ourselves in a manner that is both professional and discrete in our dealings with you regarding the companionship arrangements you have made.

8. It is imperative that the duration of your escorted service or massage service not be extended beyond what was initially requested. Please get in touch with our escort agency so that we can acknowledge your efforts to make the necessary arrangements for the safety of the call girl while she is in your company. This is a shared responsibility between you, the client, and our escort agency.

9. If the Gurgaon call girl who came to your location is not to your liking, you are obligated to pay the agency’s cancellation fees and see to it that she leaves your location as soon as possible. At your request, we will send you another escort lady; however, we don’t encourage rejections here at Gurgaon Signature Escort Agency because we try our best to send you an escort date who is matched closely and best suited to your personal escort preferences. If you make a request, we will send you another escort lady.

10. If you decide to change your mind or if you need to cancel the appointment, please give as much notice as possible by calling the office. This will prevent you from being responsible for any payments or fees.